Many audio and video bootlegs have been compiled and released, and all are available for download from the Sock Heaven BitTorrent tracker. The tracker also tracks a few torrents that aren't related to Steve Taylor and Chagall Guevara. Check the tracker frontend for a full list of available torrents.

Restored Posters

These restored posters can be printed at your local print shop and are of high enough quality to be suitable for framing. For best results, be sure that they are not resized (either intentionally or by the printing process) or converted to a document storage format (such as PDF) before printing.

Pantone colors are approximate matches based on visual comparison with a Pantone color guide.

PNG stores the physical dimensions of an image as a number of pixels per meter (as opposed to DPI, i.e. dots per inch, or some other unit of measure). Most image manipulation software will show the PNGs available here as being 118.11 or 236.22 pixels per centimeter, which are equivalent to 300dpi and 600dpi, respectively. The TIFs provided have physical dimensions specified in DPI.

Steve Taylor

Thanks to Rick Law for providing the original for restoration.

I Predict 1990 Poster

8 colors · 17¼"x26"
600dpi (10350x15600):
PNG 495KB · TIF 623KB
300dpi (5175x7800):
PNG 209KB · TIF 239KB
Color Pantone
0 Black Process Black C
1 Brown/Bronze Pantone 872 C
2 White n/a
3 Light Green Pantone 7464 C
4 Dark Blue Pantone 534 C
5 Beige (Skin) Pantone 4545 C
6 Red Pantone 186 C
7 Pink (Lips, left eye) Pantone 482 C

Chagall Guevara

Thanks go to Josh Jackson for providing the originals for restoration.

328 Performance Hall
November 15th, 1991

1-bit B&W
11"x17" at 600dpi (6600x10200)
PNG 681KB · TIF 679KB
Exit-In (Hatch Show Print)
February 22nd, 1992

2 colors
14"x22" at 600dpi (8400x13200)
PNG 386KB · TIF 397KB

The Hatch Show Print (Exit-In) background (light orange) is Pantone 7410 U; the foreground (dark purple) is Pantone 249 U.