Wow To The Deadness

[Image: 'Wow To The Deadness' Front Cover]

© 2016 Sounds Familyre/Splint Entertainment
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Track Listing

  1. Wow To The Deadness (2:34)
  2. Wait Up Downstep (2:28)
  3. The Dust Patrol (2:00)
  4. Nonchalant (3:02)
  5. A Muse (2:17)
  6. Drats (2:53)

About The Album

From Steve Taylor & The Danielson Foil Premiere New Song, December 10th, 2015:

I've always admired the Danielson aesthetic and was curious to see if we could find any overlap. I think the rest of the band was initially amused at this guy performing inside a tree, but they responded strongly to the musical sophistication of Daniel's set each night, and the overlap came from all of us becoming really good friends.

So when it came time to collaborate, our only rule was, "If it sounds like something we've already done, we throw it out." And we ended up with something that's not easily classifiable and hopefully doesn't sound disposable.

[This new single] gives me instant joy and makes me want to dance in my car. Daniel wrote most of the lyrics, and while I don't exactly know what they say, I know exactly what they mean.