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Track Listing

  1. Only A Ride (2:22)
  2. Double Negative (3:37)
  3. Goliath (2:48)
  4. Moonshot (2:56)
  5. Rubberneck (2:49)
  6. The Sympathy Vote (2:53)
  7. Standing In Line (3:54)
  8. In Layers (3:50)
  9. Happy Go Lazy (3:34)
  10. A Life Preserved (4:05)
  11. Comedian (6:25)

About The Album

From Steve Taylor - Rock A.D., Deep Ellum Internet Radio Interview, Rock A.D., Deep Ellum Internet Radio, May 13th, 2014:

Robert Miguel: Alright, now in the past it's always been Steve Taylor & Some Band, or Steve Taylor solo, or your stint with Chagall Guevara. This time around it's Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil. You've accumulated some great musicians within their own right. Is this more of a solo effort, or more of a band effort?

Steve Taylor: It really is a band effort. We make the music together, and then I'll go off and write the lyrics. I like to think it's a really good combination of everybody working at what they do best. We typically start with one of Peter's melodies--I think he's the best melody writer I know--and then it's just a matter of let's see how far we can push this melody around and it still holds up. So the songs are pretty indie rock. I wouldn't say we've mellowed with age.

From Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil's 'Moonshot' Song Premiere, November 10th, 2014:

Would it sound bad if I said it was my favorite album and I kept listening to it over and over again? It sounds odd to be saying that, [...] but I keep listening to it for my own pleasure. I guess that's the way to describe it. I don't know if anyone else will feel that way, but I sure like it.

From Talking with Jimmy Abegg, November 12th, 2014:

Gabe: What can we expect from the new Steve Taylor record?

Jimmy: A lot of surprises probably. A different sound, probably a more seasoned look. Steve's a really clever lyricist so his lyrics are still pretty great. I find them to be slightly more mature. That coupled with the seasoning of where John's been, where Peter's been, where I've been has created a pretty solid songwriting base. And there's no clunkers. [...]

[T]he record will be quite polarizing. There's really not easily definable Christian music on it. It's certainly created by men of faith but, on the other hand, it doesn't take aim on any specific topic and make a yay or a nay for it. I guess it's just a fun combination of words and music played by people that are having so much fun it's embarrassing.