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Press Archive: Bob Jones And Jimmy Swaggart Quotables

October 28th, 2014: Two new items in the press archive from the 1988 LA Times. The first contains some memorable quotes from Bob Jones III and Jimmy Swaggart:

Evangelist Bob Jones III has called tonight's Universal Amphitheatre headliner [Steve Taylor] a "satanic influence upon the lives of young people." Jimmy Swaggart said his work has "no Jesus, no God, no nothing." His hate mail threatens retribution from "the hand of God."

And the second is much shorter, containing Steve's response to the then-recently-shamed Swaggart:

"You hate to kick a guy when he's down," Taylor responded. "But I thought Swaggart's attacks on Christian rock were very mean-spirited and made some strange leaps of logic and rationality. When I first saw his book at my barber's, I was so distraught that I told (my barber) just to give me a quick trim."

Dave Perkins Talks Chagall Guevara And More

October 27th, 2014: There is a new item in the press archive from Cross Rhythms on August 30th, 2013, in which Dave Perkins talks about his experience in Chagall Guevara, as well as his solo albums and time in Passafist. Excerpt:

Explaining how Chagall Guevara was created, Perkins explained that a certain amount of serendipity was involved. "I was working with Steve on his record 'I Predict 1990'. Steve was at that point in time a little frustrated with the Christian record business in terms of a low ceiling of creativity, of what was allowed. We would talk about that a lot. The thing with me is that I had come from outside, I'd come from the mainstream where I'd worked with a lot of different recording artists as a guitarist. I felt the struggle almost immediately in Christian music, so Steve and I developed this conversation about what else there might be for someone who writes with a theological intentionality, but wants to go further, go wider, than the CCM market would allow. The conversation morphed into the simple idea between Steve and I of, 'Hey, let's start a band!'

"We formalised that thought when I came back to California to help him with three new tracks for a best of record he was doing. Lynn [Arthur Nichols] was a friend of both of ours and someone who we had worked with at record companies. Lynn found himself out of a job right when we were putting the band together; he was just a logical partner. The three of us got together after that and began to write songs together."

New Press Archive Items About Australian "Clinic" Controversy

October 23rd, 2014: A few new items are in the press section today.

First is a Predict era concert review from April 1988, which I'm pretty sure is the first piece of press I've seen that describes Steve as "sexy" and looking "a bit like Farah Fawcett" in a strangely sincere way.

Second and more interestingly are two Predict era items out of Australia about the backlash down under against "I Blew Up The Clinic Real Good" that has been mentioned before. The first is an article from The Sydney Sun-Herald containing the quote, "this must be the work of a sick mind"--and that's the quote from the pro-life spokesperson!

The second item is an article from Against The Grain, an Australian zine, that is in response to the article above, and notes correctly that you should not blew up abortion clinics to sell ice cream.

Any Australians who can provide more press (preferably of the shrill and reactionary variety) from those days of yore are invited to contact me immediately.

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"Only A Ride" Wizardry Techniques And Source Footage

October 21st, 2014: The payoff for the "Future of the Music Industry" has been pretty well covered in social media in the past week, so we'll forgo more repetition.

Seth Worley, who directed the "Only A Ride" video, has posted some before-and-after shots of the rotoscoping used in the video. The wizard seen in the video is taken from the 1980 film "Stunt Rock", a movie that probably has a plot, but is more easily described as a movie with gratuitous stunts and rock and roll (so it's not just a clever title).

The wizard in question was a member of the band featured in the film, Sorcery. They were know for a live stage show combining rock and magic in a "good versus evil" theme billed as "The King of the Wizards against the Prince of Darkness".

The entire film is on YouTube, though probably not-quite-legally. There is also a shorter version with just the clips of the band, embedded below and starting at my personal favorite, "Sacrifice".

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"Standing In Line" Video Released With Interview

October 10th, 2014: As promised, the video for "Standing In Line" has been released! So without further ado...

Accompanying the video is an interview with Steve in which he talks about the meaning behind the lyrics and about the movie from which the video's footage is taken:

Interviewer J. Edward Keyes: So, this song, to me, seems to be about two people whose lives started in the same place, but as time went on, they began taking different paths. What got you thinking along those lines?

Steve: I always reserve the right to mix up autobiographical and non-autobiographical stuff in the same song, and that's probably the case with this one as well. It just started going and grew -- there was that line about "inhaling under the bridge of sighs / it's not the way it was," it seems like any relationship goes through peaks and valleys and I've found that in my relationship with my wife, our commitment to stay together supersedes all of those valleys. That was the basic ideas, that sometimes when those are happening, you feel like you're in a waiting room, but you're determined not to leave.

• • •

Surprise "Standing In Line" Single Release

October 9th, 2014: The single for "Standing In Line" has been--what do they kids say, dropped? Yes, dropped, which is a hifalutin way of saying that it's out one day ahead of the video release tomorrow, and it's out for absolutely everybody, not just for Kickstarter backers.

The announcement comes via the band's official Twitter and like the last single for "Only A Ride", the new single can be heard on SoundCloud. Meanwhile, the lyrics are now up on this site, so you can begin dissecting and discussing them on the band's official Facebook.

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More Activity Than You Can Shake A Stick At

October 4th, 2014: The Perfect Foil have released their first music video off the forthcoming Goliath album for the song "Only A Ride". Go-go-gadget embedded video player!

These days the most active sources of new information are by far the band's official Facebook and official Twitter, and to a lesser degree, Steve Taylor's personal Twitter. The Splintern is working double time to make sure there's plenty of updates from tour stops, et al, on the official channels.

Speaking of tour stops, the band performed "Jim Morrison's Grave" live for the first time at the Whisky-A-Go-Go on October 1st, and YouTuber Chris Willman posted a YouTube video, embedded below. Chris also shared "In Layers" and "Single Ladies/Cash Cow".

Finally, the National Youth Workers Convention has posted a 12 minute interview with Steve to YouTube. Note: The concerts at the Youth Workers conventions that are on the schedule are for convention-goers only.

Tour Information

Next Show  •  November 19th
Variety Playhouse Atlanta, GA

Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil have completed their new album Goliath, to be released on November 18th! Pre-order the album now on iTunes. The band, along with the Peter Furler Band, is on hiatus for the next few months, but will return with a larger tour to follow in support of the album. The most active sources of new information are the band's official social media outlets linked below, and the Kickstarter project's update page.

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Free Streaming Show

Michael Tolosa filmed the Columbia, MD show, and has shared it with the world! Use Vimeo's "couch mode" to play the whole show. You can also download it in MP3 format (108MB archive) thanks to Kevin Lofgren.

Band Member Tweets

Tour Schedule

Official Tour Schedule

November 19th Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, GA
November 20th National Youth
Workers Convention

Atlanta, GA
Note: Private show.
April 2015 Easterfest
Toowoomba, Australia
August 2015 SoulFest
Gilford, NH

Past Shows

October 5th Reno, NV
October 4th Rock Of Ages Festival
Calistoga, CA
October 3rd Fresno, CA
October 2nd National Youth
Workers Convention
Sacramento, CA
Note: Private show.
October 1st West Hollywood, CA
August 9th SoulFest
Gilford, NH
July 5th AudioFeed Festival
Urbana, IL
May 19th Tulsa, OK
May 18th San Antonio, TX
May 17th Odessa, TX
May 16th Dallas, TX
May 4th Manheim, PA
May 3rd Columbia, MD
May 2nd Blakely, PA
May 1st Columbus, OH
April 30th Akron, OH
April 28th Vienna, VA
April 27th Charlotte, NC
April 25th Nashville, TN

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